I had to be pierced (via Rahab Memoirs’)

This morning while praying and wondering at the same time , I realized that if not for Jesus Christ , my life will simply not have a meaning. I remembered this post that I wrote last year when I had my piercing experience , I thought it will be nice to pull it out of the archives for Easter. What a victory we have through the Lamb of God, what a wretched generation we will have been if not His sacrifice on the cross.
Thank You Jesus.

I had to be pierced Months ago I went to get myself pierced, I have always had this desire to get a second ear hole , how I just love the idea of having two small earrings adorn each of   my cute ears , but I have been held back by a lot of reasons .Firstly by my parents , my dad made it very known to us(girls)in his home  when we were growing up about his aversion for jewellery of whosoever kind . My loving daddy is an adherent believer of natural beauty, he often … Read More

via Rahab Memoirs'

Who am I?

Months ago, I received an award for being versatile in my blog , and I was expected to put up 10 things about me that people don’t necessarily know about me . I must confess I was thrilled and grateful to fellow bloggers that nominated me but I held back because I did not in a whole way know myself. I asked within my mind , why will I put up a list on the blog when I am not sure it is me.

If you are like me , have you ever wondered what you are doing on earth , why did you come with a particular gender, is there more to life than getting married, having babies , going to school , having all the money and working like a jackal? These are questions that I have in my mind all the time even when I apparently look like someone who does not have a care in my life,on a light note, I have that look.

As  human beings , I  realise we are complex with lots of drama hidden in us by God , to know ourselves , psychologists won’t ever help, so don’t waste your money and time being trapped behind the chair . I have discovered that we won’t ever know really ourselves until we have an encounter with God.

That brings me to the next question , How do we really become sure that God is with us? This will shock you because it does not qualify as a question to you but it does to me. Doubts fill me many times, I still battle time after time with my flesh and I make decisions based on my desires and feel too much. Especially as a woman , I must say I qualify as a ‘’feeler’’ which is not a strong point at all.

To walk with God is to throw into the waste bin all the feeling issues because to love God equals to being a person of faith. Weeks ago, when surfing the net , I read a comment of Oprah Winfrey on her spirituality , she said ‘’the reason why Christianity did not work for her because she needs a feeling thing rather than the believing thing’’. I mentally cringed when I read this because if all my life can be summarised in a feeling moment , then it doesn’t make sense.

To know myself truly is to believe that there is a Higher Source that is so bigger than me , it is to know that my existence is totally hinged on God , for without Him I don’t make a meaning , am just a cheap lump of clay balancing ecosystem. Faith is knowing that everything in this   world is simply beyond us , and to live a life of purpose is to always run into Jesus Christ who is ‘’THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE’’

I have sadly watched loved ones slip into eternity , I have heard shocking news of how people lose their lives to a simple miscalculation of the drivers, doctors , I have cried in anger as  aunties die in their prime , I have lived in vacuums for days wondering why am on earth. I have sat for days empty right inside church , just hoping to be consoled .

That is where faith comes in , it is believing in those things that can not be seen , it is being joyous when I don’t have a dime in my pocket.

This Easter , faith is absolutely knowing that over 2000 years ago , God came in form of man to redeem us from sins and on the cross He(Jesus Christ) said ‘’It’s finished’’. In Him I live , move and have my being , so from now I can boldly say I know who I am because I know Jesus Christ. My friends , don’t be scared when life throws us heavy yokes , remember that Jesus has risen.

Happy Easter.

I dare to call Him Daddy

This morning , I am literarily bursting forth with joy  and tears of relief pouring down my face as I write because my heart can’t just understand how God will love me so much, why He keeps tripping for me. If noticed by my friends, these past months have been one depressing one , struggles of every kind showed up at my door threatening to strip me naked in the streets. These past months , I have questioned my faith , my essence , doubts have really tried to wear me out, most nights I sleep thinking that ‘’ maybe I have turned into an atheist’’ as I could not pray effectively again.

I stopped looking at the mirror because of the ugliness that irritatingly seep out through my sleek made up face , I have more wrinkles on my face because of the fake smiles that everyday make a debut on it. I fell in faith , I struggled with sin but in all of this God wouldn’t just let go. Like Donnie McClurkin’s song ‘’I fall down , I get up’’, friends I have fallen in my faith and miraculously gotten up and I have come to discover more things about the God I serve.

My God is not just Someone that will save me and leave me to discover the mysteries, He patiently waits for me to call Him Daddy, He loves to hear my feminine voice call Him in the dark when I think I am alone  . God is my daddy and talking about needy individuals, I top the list , am incredibly needy , wanting attention all the time , I have discovered that no matter how capable a human may be , they can’t just keep up with my neediness only my Daddy can do that.

Through the scriptures every day , I get to know that not calling or relating to God as Daddy only makes life difficult and inadvertently robs me of His joy. He is always ready to take me in His big , strong arms , He wants me to tell Him everything , everything like painful monthlies, temptations no matter how absurd they sound past pains that won’t just stop haunting us like masquerades in our dreams. My daddy loves me , am His little ,special girl anyday, I don’t get it right most times , but He keeps using my mistakes for His glory , just for His.

Recently my Daddy revealed to me that to every child of His, there is a provision for lots of siblings , my God is not a daddy to only a child , He has lots of them , with this , He made me discover that my treasures do not lie in the mint in the bank account nor my stocks in blue chip companies nor in fame but in Him and the right people. These past months of depression , I have known that I might never be rich , never be popular but God has indeed blessed me with the most wonderful siblings both biologically and spiritually. Here now , am writing about my spiritual siblings that God has gracefully surrounded me  with , they keep loving me even in my mess.

I present to my friends my new siblings ; Buky Ojelabi. Meeting you, sister is one major highlight of 2010, you are woman totally sold out to God, you  chastise me well when need be, you pamper when you  see that situations of life have bruised my ego, am grateful for having you in my life , I won’t ever take for granted our friendship.

I remember one afternoon when Buky introduced Tolulope Ilesanmi to me , Bros mi , as I like to call you , you are no longer a writer friend , you are my big brother , I don’t need to put up appearances when talking with you , you are a good man, I won’t take our relationship for granted ever in my life.

After Tolulope came this wonderful woman , Lara Daniels who became interested in my blog , she has been wonderful , though her comments few make a strong presence in the blog, she calls me ‘’my sister from another mother’’, I am grateful for this association , we are finishing strong together.

To one sister that motivated me in this blogging business is Jaycee , I respect this woman , she unknowingly blessed my life when she gave me this mindblowing scripture ;Ezekiel 16:6-12. Thank you Jennifer for being a sister and prayer partner.

One single sister I won’t ever forget is Bomi of Jolly notes , though we don’t really communicate , she leaves me mails and prayers , I appreciate egbon mi. You won’t be disappointed.

As I write this , I come to realize that I have lots of siblings that has  blessed and still blessing me , you all  might not be mentioned but you are remembered and appreciated . I could not have made it this far without God and you , you make me say No to that tempting sin that won’t leave my doorstep, you make me more humble that a girl from the backside of Ilesa will make sense in the city . We are finishing strong , heaven will not be interesting even I don’t see you all there , I won’t stop praying for you , please don’t stop praying for me , I need tons of it.