Now that am married

Over the years I have heard countless times that one of the blessings of life is to be married to one’s soul mate, to be eternally joined to that one person that can make one laugh at the silliest things, that person that will be strong when one is weak, that person that will sacrifice all even when it is not convenient. I have  often wondered about the fallibility of this theory, about how unstable circumstances of life can make mar this joyous discovery, but it sure doesn’t matter what I think or feel, God is always true to His promise.

On 3rd of December, God made true His promise to me by giving me Oluwaseyifunmi as my husband, as that person that makes  me laugh even when I feel like weeping, that person that always puts me first in all things, that person that still calls me beautiful in the mornings when I have maps of saliva round my face. As his name depicts , when God gave me my husband, He gave me  a true treasure, a man quiet yet so thoughtful, a man who stabilizes my explosive sanguine nature, a man who knows when to say sorry , a man who really knows me and yet still loves me.

It’s 2 weeks of being married, 2 weeks of knowing that God is God in all situations, that He never fails even though He appears so late , 2 weeks of going back to Him, sometimes crying out of joy , sometimes doubtful about what the future holds. Now that am a Mrs,a title that comes with so much responsibility,  a position that sometimes makes me  break out in sweat because I don’t have all it takes, I don’t have the right words to say, I choose to hold on to God, I choose to look up to Him and stand with my man all the way.

Again, thank you OLUWASEYIFUNMI for making me a woman, thank you for making my dreams come true, thank you for standing with me in my devotion to God, thank you for always telling me “I love you Tolulopemi” every morning, thank you for not being like any other man, thank you for being you, thank you for allowing God to be your Head, thank you for always believing in me. Thank you sweetheart for choosing me. I love you forever.