Friends, Am Back

Hello everyone, I am so glad to be back from the long-intended break I have put myself on for several months. Over the  time that I went AWOL, I have received many texts and e-mails of friends urging me to come back to blogging, I have received phone calls of people asking me what the problem was, and why I decided to shut down. I am grateful for your prayers and support over the time when I practically lost strength and faith in everything I believed in.

This morning as I ride in the bus taking me to work, I decided to chat with my friend (Ff), this chat of ours demonstrated to me how easy it was to go away from the right track and just do  things anyhow. Since I started my break, I have blamed everyone around for my condition , even God, I totally rebelled against Him and told Him through my actions that I don’t need Him anymore in my life.

Friends, one thing I have discovered over my isolated period is that it is so easy to always point blaming fingers to everyone for what is happening in our lives and ignore the fact that  we are 100%  responsible for it. This year has been a challenging one for me, no doubt, but it has also been a year I have to grow up most, it is a year where my rose-colored glasses is broken and I am made to see life from the real side.

The truth is, at every stage, life will happen to us and we will be highly vulnerable to stuff that we hate most, we will be disappointed over events and  at people that we trust most , we will be rejected by loved ones. People will promise us and they will fail because God wants it like that, He doesn’t want people to share His glory.

This year, my faith has shaken,  revealing to me my lack of depth in God’s business, I have crumbled because my foundation was not strong enough. Friends, over this period, I have known great mercy from God, I have known His tender love that will never leave me even in storms that will always come around.

I have learnt that in every challenge and trial that comes my way, it is not ME that matters but God. Shouting, crying and being depressed won’t ever solve the problem, it is praising God and telling Him that will do justice.

Friends, am back, but I can’t promise you that I will be blogging regularly or that I will always have it together, what I promise you is that God’s love will be always be there for me to hold on to. People are dying every second, natural disasters roar with anger, terrorism seems the order of the day and my first reaction is fear, but I choose not to fear but  always speak God into every situation.

Friends, am happy to back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!