Walking the ok road

Months ago in my home, my 2 and half years old niece added few sentences to her grammatical kitty. How a child grows from that tiny little babe to a toddler that babbles and experiments with various words is still a mystery to me , sometimes I can’t just understand these growth processes in them ,because it occurs so fast , that if one is not so  careful , one will lose out on those awesome moments of their childhood.

Back to my niece’s new sentences , months  ago as I was doing the dishes at night , she quietly sneaked up behind me and held my legs and she said ‘ ‘aunty tolu , what’s you doing?’ ‘ in her clearly foreign accent . I turned to her and laughed with joy , because that was the first time she will ask a question in a direct English way ,  she asked again ” aunty tolu , what’s you doing?’ ‘, this time with a little agitation and curiosity. I replied ”am washing plates ”  and she further asked ”why”, and I replied ”because they are dirty’ ‘and she went further and asked ”why are they dirty?”.

After the launching of these new sentences by my niece, she has never stopped in bombarding me and others in the house with these words. Ranging from calls to taking of bath to watching of programmes, she kept asking ‘what’s you doing?’ One day, as I was dressing up straight from the bathroom, she followed me and asked in her tiny voice ‘aunty tolu, what’s you doing? It suddenly hit me of my relationship with God, this revelation left me laughing and highly vulnerable.

Over the years I have had many situations in which I have questioned God , grievous situations I have deeply called on Him and asked him childishly ‘ what He’s  doing?’ , ‘why  is He taking so long to answer me? ‘, ‘where is He when I fell into a particular sin?’, and how is that I am the only one going through a specific life sapping  situation, when will He come and destroy my enemies? .

Like my niece , I don’t usually wait for His answers , am always  so wrapped up in the pains and the questions  that I don’t know when He answers but one thing I have come to realise is this; He always answers every of my prayers but His answers might not be what am expecting , so like a fool , I go ahead and ask Him the same questions ,He has already answered.

Just last week, my sister told me that Seyitan (my niece) has gone from ‘the why stage’ to the ‘okay stage’, I asked how, my sister said Seyitan no longer asks for reasons why things are the way they are , not that she is not inquisitive again but once she asks the first time and she is given an answer , she replies with’ okay’ and let go of the subject matter , trusting completely the informant of the answer.

Deciding to be like Seyitan (my niece), I have thought in my heart   to employ the ‘okay method’ in my relationship with God,  I still love asking questions and God knows there are a lot of them to ask, but the difference will be this; I will ask each question once and waits patiently for His answer, as soon as He does, I will go ahead and say ‘Okay Lord’ and trust Him completely .

After all He’s the Elshaddi , the Creator of the all world ,and more than ever I am so confident in His Love for me , so am seriously waiting for His  next answer so I can boldly tell Him ‘OKAY LORD’.