My God must laugh this day

While watching a film this week , I heard  a new saying that goes thus  ‘‘ if you  want to make God laugh , tell Him all your plans’ , to a great  extent , I agree with this but I guess I have not been doing that lately , I have been so involved in the trinity of SELF; me, I and mine .

 I am a young Christian , and I love God but there is still  a part of me that finds it  so hard to relinquish all my cares at His feet,  a part of me that is fiercely independent , a small part that sees trust & faith  as mountains  too high to climb . As I watch this film , I realise it must have been a long time that I made God laugh , you know that deep throated laugh that comes  straight from one’s belly , I can’t help but be sad about my selfishness .

 I claim to love God , I go about each day telling everyone that care to listen about my faith in Him , I tell friends , family about how  close I have gotten with my Creator , people around me envy my relationship with Him , they kept on saying ‘ tolulope, you are so spiritual ‘ ,’ I like you because you are a serious Christian’ ,’ ‘ you have the fire in you , keep it on ‘.

 These talks are good and humbling  but the real issue still stands ; I have not been making God laugh , I have not been telling Him about all my plans , I have been trying to be too strong for Him , I have been acting like His elder sister , shielding Him away from my  many issues,  I have not been allowing Him to heal my wounds , I have not been letting Him see that I really need Him.

God is my father, and He sure loves me and wants me to rely solely on Him , though He’s All seeing and All knowing , He still operates by this idiom   ‘ Hearing from the horse’s mouth’. He wants me to tell Him about those moments when I get scared about life , those times when I get confused and stuck in desperate situations  , He wants me to openly confess those hidden sins and allow Him to deal with it.

How glorious will it be to hear God’s laugh, it’s going to be the earth moving , mountain shaking one , to hear this laugh , I guess I have to abandon those crazy independent streaks in me  and stop acting like ‘I –TOO-KNOW’ and let him love me just as He wanted.

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  1. adeshina
    Dec 24, 2010 @ 11:47:23

    wow!!! good you were able to noticed that before its really too late.That Man has a principle and the principle is that if you dont call his attention he would fold his arms and watch you with amazement.until you were able to recognize him, he would behave as if he never cares.Doing it all alone and succeeding in it doesnt me we were perfect.we could have achieved more if you were able to called his attention before hand.enjoy your xmas tolu.


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