I Need the Good Guy, I Don’t Know about You.

By Tolulope on Friday, July 9, 2010 at 7:15am
Since I discovered the miracle of internet surfing , I have never for once taken it for granted , I eagerly embrace all it has to offer , morning after morning , I voraciously lap on information from various sites , ranging from political to academic to inspirational. This appetite of mine has for months now been feeding heavily on inspirational sites , I have gone to hundreds of these sites ,looking for ways to be better , and I must confess it has really being of tremendous help to me .
One of the site is ‘girlsgonewise.com’ , this site has lots of resources for girls who are willing to become wise and abandon the wild ways , maybe it’s the name that attracted me or the layout , whichever did , am eternally grateful to . In one of the articles posted there was ‘Why do good girls love bad guys? This is a big question I myself have running from for a long time , because it so much scares me and reveal to me an amount of evil that reside in me and puts to shame my ‘goodness’. This is a question , I myself I have not been able to answer and since I have once been a victim of this malfunction , am so eager to discuss it with other girls .
Why do a lot of good girls love falling in love with the guy with the guarded eyes, mysterious ways , callous attitude , devil may care behaviour , what exactly is the attraction ? Why is it so difficult for the good girls to just fall in love with the good guys , how ethereal will that be . Enough of the all these M & B lifestyles we’ve brought up to believe in, bad guys can’t simply make good husbands. SIMPLE. it’s as simple as ABC , a guy that doesn’t care if you are laying dead from menstrual pains , will he now care when you are on the labour bed panting like a dog in heat .
A guy that doesn’t have the decency to call you every day in a relationship, will he now be accountable to you when you are married and you have added like 20 more pounds. A guy that refuse several times to introduce you to his family as a girlfriend but meanwhile he loves making out with you at the backseat at night, will he now take you to romantic dates after your perfect size 8 has forgotten its number.
In this my short stay in life, I have surely seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the men. My advice to all the good girls including myself is that we should from now on boycott the zone of the bad guys , because they surely stand up to no good . They are wicked, selfish, childish (forget the muscles on them), and they don’t deserve the love of we the good girls. I have this song on my phone by Frank Edwards’ You are beautiful’ , this song stressed the fact that we are too beautiful , too intricately created to be mishandled , that means we need the love of the good guys in our lives.
Here is this problem, I have sampled the opinion of a lot of girls, and what I have heard is so discouraging, a lot of us believe and think that good guys are boring , wimpy and not manly enough. Can someone please tell me the relationship between being good and being boring, have they become synonymous that I don’t know about? Because the last time I checked my dictionary, they were not the same, so why do we foolishly create this association between goodness and boredom. As for me , I have strongly decided to give the next good guy in my life a big chance because I need him , as the flower needs the sun to bloom so I do seriously need him , enough of this evil magnet that keeps attracting me to that guy with guarded eyes and nonchalant ways.
With this my decision comes another challenge, how do I get this good guy? Because they are so scarce nowadays , the whole streets is filled with those ‘bad guys’ , even they populate churches, they are the smooth talking brothers on the pulpits , they are tongues speaking guys in church that won’t stop looking at the slits of your skirts , they are the Bible carrying dudes that keeps leading you on till eternity comes . With this question weighing strongly on my heart, I stumbled on a chapter in the Bible that talks about being a wise girl , not walking as unwise.
In this chapter, I suddenly discovered that it’s simply not enough being a good girl , take a step further and be a wise girl , by including God in all things , I mean all things like , those heart beats of yours that keeps running erratically when the ‘so called guy’ is around , those needy moments in your life when you desperately need a man arms around you , those times you feel so ‘sexually charged’ and don’t know what to do about it .
Be a wise girl and talk to God about all these issues , He understands , He knows your struggles , He loves you so much that He is so interested in giving you that Godly, good , romantic man that knows your worth and is willing to walk this life with you . Don’t be in haste to be loved by someone, remember God loves you, and I personally think that tops even a man’s love , get to know yourself , love yourself , Love God . Today, be a wise girl and delete the bad guy’s number on your phone and love the good guy.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vw
    Dec 24, 2010 @ 09:51:08

    really nice article Tolu.
    Good ghelz shld explore fun (n maybe wild 😉 ) sturvs wit good guys, instead of getn their heart shattered n values eroded….

    P.S: got ere frm temiville’s


    • Tolu
      Dec 26, 2010 @ 13:40:13

      VW, thanks for checking up on rahab memoirs, merry christmas to you. good girls should just add wisdom to their goodness, the latter is just not enough. thank you , will love to see again on this platform.


  2. shanday
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 21:16:48

    Lovin ur blog Tolu!
    hmmmm, why do good girls like bad guys?
    I guess it’s the thrill of dating someone that people don’t expect you to date.
    Well, i’d say it’s usually teenagers that are still loving the bad boy image.
    Good girls have seen the light and know that Bad means trouble.
    There are good guys, it’s just that sometimes our eyes are blinded to see them. We chicks sometimes have overly high expectations of what we want in a guy, and when the ideal guy comes, we shenk him cus he doesn’t meet the criteria



  3. Tolu
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 12:25:08

    shanday , am so glad that you found this post and thanks also for loving the blog.i love your analysis , it is so true. that is why am always on my knees to God for wisdom.


  4. Toast
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 23:57:18

    Tolu, this post is on point! Came just at the right time!

    Bless you.


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